Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday June 14, 2006

Cleanse day 19

Left out quite a few days as I haven't found a moment to write. The kids started their day camp and I'm looking forward to going to Glen Eyrie for a weekend which has a beautiful old castle that a king built for his queen. It is a family conference and they have said they would accommodate me with my dietary needs so I told them huge salads with lots of fruit and nothing cooked or processed. I will be off my cleanse by then and am planning to bring some back up food just in case.

Glen Eyrie is where the kids have been going to camp. This morning when I dropped them off we passed by a beautiful herd of bighorn sheep. I mean they were grazing about 10 feet away from the car! The grounds are just gorgeous and it is so peaceful. We've hiked there before and had a mini tour around the castle. It is just breathtaking.

I've come up with a great V-8 substitute. I was in the store and grabbed a jar of V-8 and headed over to produce to pick up all the ingredients on the label. I made it once on Monday and it was a bit more V-8 tasting than the one I made today. I can't get over how a tiny slice of beet in relation to everything else I've stuffed in the blender can still cause the drink to get so purple! Oh, and I have to blend it all since the Breville really doesn't do greens well. Perhaps I will try using my juicer again, though, because it is sort of a pain to strain it all.

I also made some cinnamon raisin toast and gave a slice to Darryl with almond butter and honey on top. He said it was really good, but he probably wouldn't like it so much plain. It isn't meant to be eaten plain, though. It is meant to be used with sweet topping or *as* a topping, like crumbled over banana ice cream or fruit!

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