Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We are two weeks into the new year already. My, how time flies!

Did you make a resolution two weeks ago? Was it the same old thing - eat better and exercise...or was it something that will really make an impact on your life?

There is so much more to health than food and exercise - although they are indeed important and can make you feel so much better - but what about the other things?

Is there anything that has hindered you to live to your fullest potential that you may have brushed off all of your life? Any fears or inhibitions? Anything that you have lacked that you may have overlooked all these years? Take a closer look into yourself - what has stopped you or gotten in your way of really enjoying and relishing life?

Chances are you are not alone and there are tons of others that have already formed a support group either in your home town or over the internet.

Seek them out and take your first step to living a better and fuller you.