Thursday, February 20, 2014

8 Top habits of Highly Successful people and The Rest!

Have you ever wondered how those successful people get to the top?    These observations have been on my mind about what sets Highly Successful people apart from The Rest.  See which ones you can identify with (I found quite a few about myself that needs tweaking).

1)  Decision making. 

Highly Successful people make quick decisions, for the most part.   They don't spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons and examining things too long.   When they see something that makes sense to them, they go for it.   They don't dwell on the drawbacks of the decision before hand.  

"I love that car, it runs great, has terrific gas mileage, and is easy on the eyes - I'll take it!"

The Rest spend a lot of time analyzing, deciphering and over-questioning something before making a decision.  They will often dwell on the roadblocks of what they are deciding on before moving ahead.

"I really like that car.   I think I will look up the reviews on it and see what people don't like about it.  I don't want to get stuck with a lemon.   What if it is unreliable?  I wonder what problems others have had with this car, or maybe I should just keep looking as there might be a better one for me.  I need to think this over."

2)  Accuracy.

For the most part, Highly Successful people don't care so much about accuracy as they do about focusing on their goal.  Unless perfection is their goal, such as a figure skater.   Have you ever noticed how some Highly Successful people make errors in things they do but don't seem to care?  Either errors in spelling, grammar or even how they do some simple things...and it seems to drive The Rest kind of crazy.    

The Rest are more focused on doing things right the first time, they are more afraid to make mistakes/errors.   It tends to hold them back.  Which brings me to the next habit...

3) Failure.

Highly Successful people experience a lot of failure, but you wouldn't know it unless they told you.   Because they are always picking themselves up and "trying again".   They are focused on achieving their goal so they know they are going to fall back and fail and they are okay with it.  They take it as stepping stones to their goals.

The Rest don't make so many mistakes, or are very careful not to.  So often that will hinder them in doing things more than once.  They want to get it right the first time.   It takes a lot more effort to do something right so they don't have to do it again.

4)  Sharing with others.

Highly Successful people rarely share their "problems" or "issues" with others.   They have them, and sometimes more than The Rest, but they don't show it.   Like the saying goes - "Never let them see you sweat".   Highly Successful people rarely complain even though they experience a lot of stress.  When they do complain, often it's more like an  observation of something going on in their lives and a way to find a solution from others.  What you will see and hear from Highly Successful people are all the great things they experience that they want to share with others.

The Rest often will complain, many constantly, about mundane things in their lives, their day-to-day problems, relationship issues, or just how much they hate things in their lives, like the weather, the way they were treated by a customer service agent, how much they hate their job, etc.  Sure The Rest share triumphs but not as often as their problems.  

You can tell who is who just by looking at your Facebook news feed!  Look at the ones who post about awesome things in their lives, and look at the ones constantly complaining or commenting on all the little roadblocks in their lives.

5)  Problem Solving.

Just as Highly Successful people are not big complainers, they still run into a lot of problems and issues, however they don't dwell on them and often look for solutions.   They often ask for help but not in a way that makes them look weak.  Many times they will get help by making it seem like the helper will benefit a lot from helping them out.   

"I have a great job for you, a good way for you to make some money - I am looking for someone to help me clean up after my party".

The Rest will often be stuck by a problem or dilemma.  They will feel helpless and vent about their issue without really looking for an answer.  They want more sympathy and people to resonate with their feelings than to find a solution.  

"I'm so frustrated because my friend who said she'd help me with my party has cancelled on me - she said she was going to go to the movies instead.  Can you believe her?"

Highly successful people look more for answers and solutions while The Rest often look for sympathy and understanding.

6)  Bad experiences with others.

Highly Successful people don't let themselves dwell too much on a bad incident that happened to them.   Things occur, feelings are hurt but they force themselves to move on.   Life and opportunities are too short for them to spend a lot of mental energy on their hurt feelings.

The Rest will often dwell on something that happened, or something that was said or written to them.   They spend a lot of time on how they should have reacted, or shouldn't have reacted.   They think in circles about how they feel and about how the "other person" did or said something to them.   Often it will ruin the rest of their day, or sometimes the rest of the week!

7) Blame.

Highly Successful people often blame themselves when something goes wrong and look for ways that they can change the way they went about something so it won't happen the next time.  

"Next time I will be more prepared and leave earlier when the weather takes a turn.   Then I will be on time."

The Rest often blame something outside of themselves when something goes wrong.    It is never their fault, it is always another person, situation or something that was beyond their control.  

"The stupid weather! I wouldn't have been late if the snow didn't cause that accident that kept me on the highway for an extra 10 minutes, and it made me late for my appointment!"

8) Unexpected changes in daily life.

Highly successful people tend to turn unexpected changes, into opportunities.   When Highly Successful people are laid up in bed for something unplanned, they will often use that as a way to make progress in their goals and make connections.  They will use any situation that is given to them to use as an advantage.

The Rest may use situations like being laid up in bed, bad weather, a sick child, or a number of other things that are unexpected situations as obstacles to stop them from doing something that could have been productive.

Now that you know these habits, what will you do about them?  You can use many of these habits to your advantage to help you reach a goal such as weight loss, starting a business, or even cleaning your house.   Whatever the goal, you can do it if you change your behavior and your thinking - try it and see!