Thursday, June 08, 2006

Recaps! Recaps!

For some reason today I have a lot of energy. I missed the last two days so here's some recaps:

Tuesday June 6, 2006

Cleanse day11

Today was alright but then I got very very stressed and emotional when I found out that I had to get a physician to sign off on the kids' day camp forms. They don't have a physician out here, and no insurance and their shots weren't kept up, not that I care because I am not for immunization, but a bit on the fence because I don't know or not if it will possibly protect them.

On top of that, they sent me the forms so late, only a few days before the kids start, and on the forms it specified that it had to be sent in at least 2 weeks prior to the start date! So I was kind of freaking out.

I got so stressed out and was in a I-don't-know-what-to-do mode, kind of broke down and wanted something, so I had some almond breeze.

Wednesday June 7, 2006

Cleanse day 12

Next day I went after more almond breeze like a dummy. However I was more ready to tackle the kids' physician issue.

However, I called the 444-CARE line and talked to a nurse. She referred me to a doctor's office for a low price so we got them in to be seen and have their camp forms signed. They ended up seeing a student which was fine with me.

Practiced TKD forms on the deck with the family.

Had some veggie broth, then later at night chewed on a lot of honey comb.

Thursday June 8, 2006

Cleanse day 13

Woke up early feeling like a brick hit me - we went to the tennis courts at 7:00 and I had some carrot-apple juice before hand which I forced down because it was so sweet. Wasn't in the mood to play tennis but felt really great after we were done.

On the way to the courts we saw a dead deer on the grass near the road. It was so sad. People just drive way too fast on the street here, and it is hard to see the deer since their coloring tends to fade into the background. Adam said he was a little baby bunny rabbit curled up dead being picked on by a mean 'ol magpie. Even though it is the circle of life, it is still sad when we see these things!

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