Monday, April 07, 2008

Turning the tables

People have some pretty valid fears about going all raw.

"I'm afraid I will be missing an important nutrient"

"I'm afraid that my body will become too sensitive & pure"

"I'm afraid that my family and friends will make fun of me"

Now what if the tables were turned?

What if every person on an all raw diet were to start eating the standard, processed cooked way again?

What could their fears be?

Some that come to mind:

"I'm afraid that I will lose all my energy."

"I'm afraid that all my discomforts and diseases will return."

"I'm afraid that I'll have to start taking supplements again because I won't be getting all my nutrients natural and first-hand."

"I'm afraid that I'll have brain fog."

"I'm afraid that I'll start drinking/smoking/taking drugs again."

"I'm afraid that I will have to go back on medication."

"I'm afraid that my blood pressure will rise."

"I'm afraid that my cholesterol will get high."

"I'm afraid that I will develop heart disease and have a heart attack or stroke."

"I'm afraid that I will have bad breath."

"I'm afraid that I'll have to start wearing deoderant again."

"I'm afraid that because of the way I'll smell, that I'll have to start using all my toiletrees -that I gave up on raw - so that I can hide the smell from eating cooked food again."

"I'm afraid that my husband/wife will be put off by my smell."

"I'm afraid that my cellulite will return."

"I'm afraid that I will watch more television."

"I'm afraid that I'll spend more money eating out in restaruants again."

"I'm afraid that I'll spend money for Girl Scout Cookies."

"I'm afraid that I won't have any more energy to keep up with my kids."

I'm afraid I have run out of the desire to keep this list going, but it could be miles long!

We should fear more of what we are doing on a standard cooked diet than moving over to a fresh whole foods diet.

Would you agree?


Via811 said...

Fantastic post Curls! That's a great perspective.

Sarah said...

I love your thoughts. Turning the tables is such a wonderful twist. The list could be miles long. Very creative :)


Anonymous said...

very well put