Sunday, March 16, 2008

Being a Nag

Sometimes I turn into a nag which brings my family down. I see them eat a bunch of junk, which I know how bad it is for them and I just go on and on and on about it, driving them crazy.

I must have gotten this from my mother, who mutch-ered me to stay kosher and eat right for my cholesterol, but thinking back it only annoyed me and drove me to eat a lot of fast food, processed food, bacon and pepperoni, and other such evil food-stuffs.

In turn I mutch-er my mother about eating animal products and bread.

So why would nagging be affective? It isn't.

Thinking hard about this, I haven't noticed anyone who is successful in a healthy food program nagging others. What I have noticed is that they inspire others to eat and live better.

Also, thinking hard and thinking back to people who inspired me, people I really looked up to, set examples with their happy, free, fun lives!

I don't ever remember wanting to be like anyone who nagged me, ever!

When I ate nothing but bananas for a whole week, I was very surprised by something. My whole family wanted to drink my banana-only smoothies. Many times I have to remind my kids to "finish your shake" in the morning. But they absolutely loved the banana smoothies and banana milks I made. When I fast or go on a juice or mono diet, I don't usually say much about what everyone else is eating or doing around me. However, oftentimes when I'm rolling up and down the raw food roller-coaster ride of life, I can get irritated by the temptations around me and many times will voice my opinion about the harmful food my family seems to enjoy eating.

We hear that we can catch more bees (flies?) with honey. We hear that a positive attitude brings forth an open mind. People don't like to be judged or looked down upon about their lifestyle choices.

If you are living with cooked folks - try to set an example and be positive and enjoy your raw food lifestyle. Sooner or later they will follow because happiness is contagious!


SuccessWarrior said...

So true. I've tried both approaches and not only does the nagging annoy the other people and cause resentment and make them want to dig in deeper, it makes me unhappy. I'd rather be happy and try to be a good example and applaud any positive changes people make. Selfishly, I try to be happy and live and let live.

Sarah said...

I like this post! :) I have struggled with a tendency to nag, myself. Esp with loved ones, because I'm so concerned about their health. But like you I have learned that any negativity only ever backfires in your attempts to influence them.