Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What are you eating?

"Sharon - I did so well today on my food intake, you are going to be so proud of me!"

"Whadya eat?" I ask with excitement.

"Well, first, on the way to work I went over to Jiffy Juice and got a smoothie - oh it was so yummy and sweet!"

"Oh really - that sounds great - what was in it?" I wonder.

"Well, there were strawberries in there, and some juice, and they put a scoop of this bright colored powder, and then I think - oh, ya, there was vanilla frozen yogurt in there. Doesn't that sound great?"

"Ummm...doesn't sound like you had much fruit in there!" I say.

**Juice from smoothie joints are often pasteurized. Frozen yogurt contains refined sugar and additives and there is a lot of sugar and artificial flavorings in the powders that are often used. Sometimes fruit in syrup is used as well. Be sure to ask what is fresh and for dairy and sugar-free smoothies**

"Anyway, whadya have for lunch?" I inquire.

"Oh, this is where I was REALLY good. I got this huge salad at the restaurant. Oh, it was so wonderful!"

"Wow, a salad!" I say "That's great! What kind of salad was it?"

"Oh it was a beautiful green salad with all kinds of veggies, but there was some chicken on it."

"Oh, chicken?" I say "What else was on there?" I start wondering suspiciously.

"That was the worst thing - just the chicken, oh there were some croutons and cheese - but that wasn't a big deal - right?"

"Um, okay. Well what about the dressing?" I ask.

"Oh, I just got ranch dressing - I figured since I got a salad, I was so good that I deserved some ranch!"

**Restaurants often offer salads that are no more than a regular unhealthy meal dumped in a bowl full of greens. Restaurant salads usually contain plenty of meat, cheese and noodles or croutons, and the dressings are full of fat, refined sugar and salt, and additives. People are fooling themselves if they believe that a standard entree sized restaurant salad is a healthier option than a meal. The best thing to order in a restaurant is an entree sized GARDEN salad, with everything on the side. This way you can be sure of getting everything you want and nothing you don't!**

"Well - what about your dinner" I am hoping my friend has redeemed herself here.

"I had a veggie burrito! Well, I know that wasn't all raw, but it was healthy, right?"

"Let me guess - the burrito had cheese and sour cream, right?" I ask

"How'd you know? It was a veggie burrito though!"

"Somehow I had a feeling!" I laugh.

"Well," My friend says "you make it sound like I didn't eat very well now," sulking.

"It's a learning process" I patiently answered.

"Well, you'll be really happy how I ended my day. I had a whole bag of baby carrots..." my friend cautiously tells me.

"Well, that was probably the healthiest thing you ate all day! Congratulations!" I pat my friend on the back.

**Some people believe that if they make a juice or have some fruit or veggies in addition to their normal standard fare they really are eating "healthy". While doing this is a step in the right direction, they are still eating their cheeseburgers, pizza, and other damaging foods which are not health-promoting.

Even though it is a process, be sure to look are your WHOLE MENU. If you are eating animal products or cooked food on a daily basis, you may need to re-think or readjust your diet. Even if you are not ready to eat 100% raw or 100% vegan, at least eliminate some of the damaging food from your diet 80% of the time, that way you are working toward your goal.

We can't get the results we want if we don't change**


Anonymous said...

This is one of my challenges. I'm am high raw but not 100% and I tell my self all the time high raw is better than no raw but your right... to put any unhealthy foods in your system just doesn't help. I want to be 100% raw some day. I have only been raw 2 months and I feel good but I have been gaining weight and from 134-142.. bah!!! Maybe 100% will help? I'm pretty darn close =(

RawVeganMom said...

GREAT post!! I see this around me everyday. People wonder why they are sick all the time because they 'eat so healthy' but come to find out almost nothing is actually really health promoting. We have gotten so far away from natural foods that we really believe we are making good choices like the lady in your story there.

Valerie Winters said...

Loved this post. Had me laughing at myself. I’ve gained weight on vegan diets. We really have to think about what we are putting in our mouths.

Ariella J. said...

that was a great post Sharon! thanks for sharing that one. i definitely need to think more about what i am putting in my mouth. especially this week with it being Pesach! still staying in there at high raw vegan though. this summer i am thinking to go back to all raw.

again thanks for sharing :)