Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday May 30, 2006

Cleanse day 4

This morning had my carrot-apple juice and a lot of water, some honey sticks and delicious sun tea I made (strawberry-white tea, fresh mint, lemon balm).

We ordered our Spiroolis from Hallelujah Acres - can't wait to get them. Their shipping was very reasonable too.

I can feel my stomach pulling in, a feeling I often get during fasts and liquid diets. I bought this coconut water at Whole Foods yesterday, I'm going to have it after Taekwondo tonight.

I got back from Taekwondo - I don't remember ever sweating so much. The coconut water was okay, but not as good as fresh from a coconut. It had a sour-ish taste and I wonder if it was heated in any way.

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Lucrezia said...

Mine was sweet, but I also prefer fresh.
I was wondering the same thing about it being flash pasterized, and I couldn't find any thing yea or nay. I noticed on the label it said to use within 3 days, so maybe it is raw?